Second Glance Interior Design and Staging

Is Your Existing Home in Need of a Fresh Appearance?

Do you love your furnishings but can't seem to pull them all together for the look you crave? Second Glance Design decorating services can make it happen using your furniture, artwork, collectibles, and treasures! A different shade of paint goes a long way in giving a different feel to your rooms. Bright color splashes can energize you and get you going, whereas more subtle tones can be calming after a long day. We can customize colors for all your rooms, giving you that “new home” feel without ever moving!

Moving into new construction? Let Second Glance Design cozy up any room in your home by suggesting new and stylish furnishings, flooring choices, or paint shades. On a budget? No problem! By using our vendor discounts, we can create a great new look while keeping costs down. Let us help you discover your accent colors and recommend just the right accessories to put the finishing touches on your design project, adding “flow” to your floor plan!

A patio with chairs and tables on the beach

Don’t forget about your outdoor living spaces! With the right touch, a drab patio or pool area can become your favorite “room” of the house! Adding unique pottery pieces or an engaging trellis can create a beautiful nook or cozy sitting area for your family and guests to enjoy all year long! Let us help you fall in love with your home all over again!

Second Glance Home Staging

Contemplating a move? Second Glance Design can suggest staging techniques to maximize your real estate showings to potential buyers. What is staging? Staging is the art of using decorating and marketing techniques to create an environment buyers can aspire to.

At Second Glance Design, we use the elements of positioning to create emotional connection points throughout the home so when a buyer steps into the house, they “feel home.” Within fifteen seconds, buyers form an opinion toward your home that is reinforced by everything else they encounter on their tour. We make sure those first fifteen seconds and first impressions are positive, making them realize:
“This is it. This is the one!”

We’ll Also Give You Tips and Suggestions

On how to depersonalize when selling your home. By providing a detailed room-by-room report on how to enhance your home's best features, you will begin to see it through "buyer’s eyes." Remember, listing your home “as is” only helps to sell your competition. Make the effort, and supply that WOW factor!

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